Sponsorship policy

Who can expect to be considered for a sponsorship?

Sponsorships are a great way to raise awareness and increase visibility of our business. We receive numerous inquiries from individuals, businesses, clubs etc. seeking sponsorships for exciting activities and purposes. Despite our sympathy for the many good purposes, unfortunately we cannot give a helping hand to all. For this reason, we have a sponsor policy that dearly defines which purposes the Group’s sponsorship targets.

The Fleggaard Group has its roots in Southern Jutland, and we want to contribute positively to the development of this region. Therefore, we have decided to earmark our sponsorship to local sports clubs and associations in Southern Jutland. We would like to target a broad audience and especially contribute to teaching children and young people to take each other into account and work together to achieve common goals. Therefore, we have chosen to target our sponsorships towards team sports for children and adolescents.

In short, we have chosen to focus our sponsorship to:

- Team sports for children and youngters in Southern Jutland -

Broagerlands Ungdoms- og Idrætsforening U8 boys

How to apply

The Fleggaard Group assigns sponsorships twice a year. The application deadlines are respectively 1st of June and 1st of December. You can submit your written application continuously by e-mail. Please send it to info@fleggaard.dk with the text “sponsorship” in the subject field.

The sponsorships are assigned approximately one month after the application deadline. If you have not heard from us by then, unfortunately, your application has not been taken into consideration. 

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