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Fakkelgaarden is located with a beautiful panoramic view at the inlet of Flensburg. The elongate building, complex with the characteristic yellow tower, contains both an acclaimed gourmet restaurant and a hotel with 26 maritime furnished rooms.

For 25 years, Fakkelgaarden has represented an uncompromising focus on quality and special gastronomic experiences where local food traditions have been combined with international class – always prepared with the best seasonal ingredients.

As a guest of Fakkelgaarden, one can explore how exclusive culinary art, luxurious surroundings, professional service and evocative atmosphere reaches a higher level.

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Petimo is the Group’s newest company and is focused on online activities i.a. within buying and selling dogs and an online benefit club for dog owners. The company operates Denmark's largest and most famous dog website www.gipote.dk with over 100,000 registered users as well as the webshop www.petimoclub.dk, which offers its club members great savings on dog food, toys and accessories. Members also get free delivery on their purchases, as well as the legally required dog insurance free with membership.

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Fleggaard Homeparts is an online shop with a wide range of spare parts, accesories and consumables - in short, everything that you typically run out of or may break in your electrical appliances.

The range exceeds 1 million item numbers and includes everything from shelves, drawers and handles for refrigerators, cutlery baskets for dishwaschers or soap dispensers for washing machines. In addition, the shop offers a large selection of eg. mobile and tablet accesories like cases or screen protectors, all sorts of consumer goods like vacuum cleaner bags, bulbs or batteries as well as a huge range of tools. 

Fleggaard Homeparts has set itself the goal to make Danish electrical appliances work again - easily and cheaply.

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Phone.: 72 30 30 30
Fax: 72 30 30 01
E-mail: info@fleggaard.dk

Fleggaard Holding A/S

Skovbakken 10
6340 Kruså
VAT no.: 77 84 73 16

About Fleggaard Holding

The Fleggaard Group consists of a number of subsidiaries covering a broad range of activities – ranging from retail, wholesale and leasing to a number of other activities within hotel- and restaurant operations as well as online activities.  

The Fleggaard Group has 1.700 employees and an annual turnover of more than 850m Euros.

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