Calgros is one of the most important wholesalers within FMCG in Northern Germany and is the largest supplier in the border trade between Germany and Scandinavia, which is the cornerstone of Calgros business.

Calgros is specialized in purchasing and distributing beverages, candy, spirits, wine, tobacco, food and pet food. Due to our large international network of first-class suppliers, the company has a unique portfolio of some of the world’s largest and most sought-after brands, of which many of them are even exclusively agency agreements.

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ASWO is an international chain specialized in sales of spare parts and accessories to professionals as for instance repairers and web-shops. ASWO’s assortment counts more than 14 million items, where sales are made primarily through ASWO’s online-shop. 

The Fleggaard Group is behind ASWO Nordic, covering the entire Nordic region i.e. Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland as well as the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. The company headquartered in Padborg, Denmark, also has several branches in the North.

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Dangaard headquartered in Padborg is one of the largest wholesalers in Scandinavia. For almost 30 years, Dangaard has provided retailers throughout Europe with a variety of products within domestic appliances, TV/audio, small appliances, smartphones, tablets and living articles manufactured by all the large and known brands.

The products are sourced directly from manufacturers around Europe, where Dangaard is always focused on offering products according to market trends. Through a huge network and detailed market knowledge, the company is ready to help customers obtain the requested goods at a competitive price.

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Click Entertainment, headquartered in London, is one of Britain’s largest wholesalers in gaming products mainly dealing with hardware (consoles), software (games) and accessories. 

Click Entertainment trades with customers worldwide.

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Phone.: 72 30 30 30
Fax: 72 30 30 01
E-mail: info@fleggaard.dk

Fleggaard Holding A/S

Skovbakken 10
6340 Kruså
VAT no.: 77 84 73 16

About Fleggaard Holding

The Fleggaard Group consists of a number of subsidiaries covering a broad range of activities – ranging from retail, wholesale and leasing to a number of other activities within hotel- and restaurant operations as well as online activities.  

The Fleggaard Group has 1.700 employees and an annual turnover of more than 750m Euros.

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