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The Fleggaard Group employs around 1,750 people across several industries and business areas and within different work areas and job types. The many different positions are held by the group’s dedicated staff, which forms a varied assembly of as many individual profiles and personalities as there are employees.

Meet some of our employees who have made their very own careers within the group.

No career paths are identical, and while some go across departments, companies and borders, others have taken place within the same company. Common to all of them, however, is that they each represent the classic Fleggaard Group career - a career path packed with possibilities.

Nicko Rasmussen Olesen, Calle

Purchaser Spirits

Nicko started as a sales manager in a Fleggaard store in 2011. After a short while, he was promoted to assistant manager before he was offered a new position three years later. This position took him across the group’s supermarket chains as he now became store manager at Calle. In the fall of 2016, Calle opened a new store near Kruså. Nicko took part in planning the opening of this store and was in charge of it until 2018, when he became a purchaser for Fleggaard and Calle.

I appreciate the freedom we are offered. The company has taken the best of concept management principles, but retained the freedom to affect ones field of responsability and practice good business acumen at all levels.

Mathilde Felthaus Striib, Fleggaard Retail

Purchaser Confectionary

In 2003, Mathilde finished her business school studies and got a leisure job at Fleggaard Harrislee. She quickly got permanent employeed and in 2005, she took part in opening completely new stores in Heiligenhafen and Burg. In 2006, she was promoted to shop manager in Fleggaard Wassersleben, but allready the following year Mathilde got the role of purchase assistant and was promoted yet again in 2009 to confectionary purchaser. Since then, the department has grown, and Mathilde enjoys passing her knowledge and experience to the new junior purchasers.

If only you are willing to assume responsibility and remain faithful to your ideas and the values of the group, you have a great opportunity to put your own touch on things. 

Ulrik Hansen-Christensen, Famobra

Commercial Manager

As a newly graduate in MSc in Economics & BA, Ulrik was employed in the group’s business development department in 2012. Ulrik was responsible for large projects in both Fleggaard Leasing and Calgros. In the latter, Ulrik was offered a position where he had a pivotal role in starting the company’s export department in the beginning of 2015 where he managed an international customer portfolio. Since 2017 he is Commercial Manager of the international export company Famobra. 

I am very proud to be employed in an internationally orientated group deeply rooted in Southern Jutland driven by values such as business acumen and honesty where there is room for a twinkle in the eye and cheerful remarks.

Laura Ryholl, Fleggaard Holding

Business Developer & Project Manager

Laura joined the Fleggaard Group’s Business Development Department in 2014 having recently graduated as a Danish bachelor in Business Economics and an Australian master’s degree. Work areas includes market research, developing business models and new concepts as well as sparring with the subsidiaries. Laura also served as executive assistant and has recently taken on the role of project manager for some of the Group’s on online activities. Simultaneously, Laura studies HD Part II in accounting and financial management.

I think, the group is characterized by a dynamic and spacious environment with good development and career opportunities.  

Hanne Kjær, Dangaard

Product Coordinator

In 2001, Dangaard acquired the company where Hanne worked as a specialist in Far East imports. Working with imports has been the ongoing theme for Hanne, but becoming part of the Fleggaard Group has offered her many new possibilities. Hanne has been working in other purchase departments and has also been stationed in both Vilnius and most recently in London, where she has helped integrate Click Entertainment into the group.

The Fleggaard Group is characterized by great versatility and is a workplace where only the sky is the limit. If you have the right idea, you’ll get the chance to unfold independently. 

Julian Marten, Fleggaard Leasing

Team Manager & responsable for imported cars

Julian has always had a glowing interest in cars and obtained his qualifications as a car salesman at VW in Kiel. Despite his qualifications, Julian started a university degree in 2009 and was concurrently employed as a shop assistant by Fleggaard. However, in 2011 the car-area again came to his attention, as Julian saw a new exciting position at Fleggaard Leasing posted on the group’s intranet. This became the beginning of four exciting years as a business consultant, where Julian took part in developing several business concepts before he was promoted to head of department with area and personnel responsibilities in 2015. Julian studies HD on the side.

It is obvious that significant efforts are made to develop and strengthen the staff’s skills and competencies.

Wenche Fynsk, ASWO

Internal sales consultant & translator

Wenche is our Danish-speaking Norwegian with Asian roots and has been employed in ASWO since 2014. Wenche is a wholehearted customer advisor and has a passion for relation marketing and e-business. Therefore, Wenche has strengthened her competencies within relevant subject areas with post-qualifying education as a sales assistant with a specialty in sales.

The group supports my professional interests, I find that very motivational, and it clearly illustrates that we mean it when we state that we want to be “best at employees”.

Jan Eggen, Fleggaard IT

Server Infrastructure Manager

Jan is a computer engineer specialized in programming languages. Since 2008, he has been an integral part of the Group’s IT department and of the development of the group’s IT infrastructure. The group's server environments are Jan’s primary work area, which he designs and maintains (virtualization, SAN, backup, databases, active directory, e-mail, web server, resource management etc.). Jan particularly emphasizes the familiar and down-to-earth atmosphere, both in his department and at the corporate level. At the same time, he is enthusiastic about the group's dynamic working environment.

There is always a lot going on, and even though the group is well on years, it still has the same driving force and energy known from start-ups. 

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